Waiting for the next step.

Midst this chaotic realm

Of mundane existence

Spiced with artificial feelings

Drenching in mechanized dirt


A heart of worthy humanness

Lies submerged in bitterness

Chiseled by unworthy happenings

Forced to take the gloomy path


It wonders with apprehension

Hopelessly, sans any direction

Full of awkward parameters

Implausible to plan an escape


Through this thick of rut

Appears the hand of a human

Still alive, responsive cells

Reverberating with vibrance


Giving it a try it latched on

In a flash, quarter of second

It scooped into a paradise

To the world of truth


The elusive happiness dawned

Smile for smile more than a mile

Step by step all went together

A perfect place for the humankind



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