An Exceptional Affair!

via Daily Prompt: Exceptional

Decked with perfection

On a cold winters night

She shone in the crowd

Like the moon up above


With a pounding heart

I walked as promised

Right up to her door

The first real face off


Stunned with her beauty

Words running dry

A thousand thoughts

But a silent tongue


A few words of greeting

Interjecting with smiles

I left her company

For a different priority


Minutes turned to years

As time swept by

An occasional “hi”

And life went on


The day she got hitched

I cried in despair

An unexplained feeling

Right from my heart


Though it wasn’t spoken

Something was different

A void that it created

Inexplicable mess


A gulf of emotion

Too much to handle

I opened my diary

And a poem was born


This treasure of feelings

She read with excitement

When I showed it to her

Couple of years later


Citing my cowardice

Mentioning that night

Had I stayed on she said,

“Things would’ve been better”


Did I lose my chance?

I innocently asked

Waiting for her reply

She looked into my eyes


Breaking the silence

Putting her lips to mine

“An exception you’re”

She lustfully said








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