Reason for my smile.

Braving the surprising odds 

Thrown at my already full plate 

I take the familiar route again

A step inside your door

Life’s unwell, going southwards

Haywire being the constant thread

I make with diligence and it breaks by plan

Destiny must be having a laugh

Opening your door, I stand amazed

The power of your charm

A tug from my heart that always loves

Spiced up by a lecherous mind 

I set my foot into a world so different

Drawn by your beauty, just you and me

That marble smooth moon like face 

Those lovely lips which I crave to kiss

Moving forward to grasp you in my arms

As you raise a no, to protect your soul

Voice is mum but the craving is seen

Through your lovely eyes it lay Exposed

Stealing a chance I press my lips

Exploring your world, eyes closed

Your racing heart and my faster thoughts

Create a heaven on this mundane Earth.

Happiness I draw from your beautiful self

As every cell in my body rejoices​ and dances

Definitely you’re the only reason

To bring a smile on my burdened face.


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