The taste of coffee.

via Daily Prompt: Bitter

A pleasant evening after a hectic day

On a hot summer day in the month of May

I sheltered in a shop as it began to rain

Searching for a drink to relax my brain


Flipping through the menu unable to decide

Wanted someone to be my guide

“A Coffee please” said the girl next to me

Let me try it, my heart said with glee


With a casual smile I turned around

Her startling beauty shook my ground

Right opposite to her I take my seat

A safe distance to normalize my heart beat


In a throw away chance I appear next day

Her presence it is, all that I pray

Ah! That joy when I hear her voice so sweet

I smile inside as our eyes wander to meet


Sweet coffee it is on a daily basis

Included in it is warm and heartfelt bliss

A lovely change to the mundane lifestyle

Always ready to walk that extra mile


Day in and out I anticipate

Happy hour, which I later ruminate

Eyes fixed on her eternal beauty

Devouring the mug of coffee 


It’s past the time as I wait for her

Her chances to appear seem so blur

Hours together wasting time on twitter

I gulp the coffee only to find it’s originally bitter




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