Half a week of silence!

For all the memories built
And moments spent together
The world we created
Would lie pillarless now?

Brick by brick we’ve invested!
Time, money, energy and love
Living in an ancillary mansion
Guarded by our trust

How can you think of saying
Those forbidden words
That’s sending me into a tizzy
Catching me off the mark!

I’ll break every door
Of your possible existence
And find a way through
To your heart once again

Patience, my love
Is all I have asked
Half a week of silence
And you’ve turned the tables?

Never did I imagine
Our love’d be so weak
Which wouldn’t stretch
Over few days of silence.

The game is on.
Challenge accepted!
I will not rest
Till I make you mine

Watch your steps
As you race ahead
Wishing you the best
For a guilt-filled life.


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