With my harmonal balances hitting the right level, I wait in excitement

To clasp your waist and drag you to me, feeding on your lips relishingly sweet.

Run my hand on your back all the way downward, feel every hair stand on my body.

Enter into a timeless smooch, while massaging your breasts plump and smooth.

Lift you by your hips and place your legs around me, as we stare at other vivifiedly.

Finally do away with your dress and start to relish every inch of your skin, consumed by lust.

With these thoughts galore the distance between us is mentally negligible.


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  1. Erika D. says:

    I can’t say I have ever found lust and love compatible. I personally would say that enjoying a persons body is not synonymous with lusting and that lusting isn’t the right word to use when considering love.

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