Haplessly dismantled.


He stared at himself in disbelief, was his reflection lying? Her absence had taken a huge toil on him mentally and physically. The urge to have her in front of him was directly proportional to the passing minutes. The veil of her absence added on as a filter that highlighted how helpless his situation was. He cursed himself every possible second for it was his words that caused them, the anguish.

Every possible event reminded him of their togetherness. The steps he took, the words he spoke, the way he saw things, the way he started to frame opinions, the way his actions actually changed, the way he dressed, the habits he had picked up, there was a memory attached to every breath. There she was, present in every thought of his. They were one.

He never would have imagined that his mistake would take them from zenith to the nadir. It was just a matter of seconds that shook their very own foundation. Rebuild? Restart? Can that be done without a mutual consent?
Someone said “Words spoken cannot be taken aback” but “Actions do speak louder than words”

Giving a last try to relive those moments he contacted her. As he heard her mellifluous voice, happiness zipped through his body. Traversed from the ear to the brain, converting the thoughts only to express himself in the best possible manner. The sunken teary eyes started to see anew clear and crisp. The possibility of drowning in her fragrance had opened up. The tongue spoke out to her what it had practiced in case of this event happening. His back and limbs straightened with a new vigor. Every inch of his skin came back to life with that happiness.

How he wished she’ d know what that conversation meant for him. That happiness can only be expressed. Struggling to compress the happiness in the form of words he jotted down his feelings leaving it to the nature to take it to her.


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