Relevance of content marketing!


Is content marketing relevant for Startups?

Looking to generate more traffic on your website? If you’re a startup and looking to hold the prime position under the search box, yes! Content Marketing is your only way up there.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is creating relevant, valuable and consistent content via blogs, videos, whitepapers, social media posts and email newsletters. It is via any of the above media, that the target audience must be engaged. By the end of which, he/she must be wanting to learn more. At a metaphysical level, it is how much space in the mind of the consumer that you can occupy.

What does top “search engine spot” mean for your startup?

  • Visibility – Increase in traffic to the website.
  • Credibility – A top search result rank would increase the reputation.
  • Competitive Advantage – This leads to gaining an advantage over your competitors.
  • Higher Returns – Using the optimum SEO tools can get you traffic without shelling out extra on advertising
  • Self-Advertising – With visible results, being at the top will draw more clients to your startup.

Startups! You’re at an advantage.

As a startup, you’re bound to have crunch in resources, budgets and lack of experience in creating content sometimes, on the other hand taking a current stock of methods being practiced, innovative practices can be brought into the playing field as new methods of engaging customers are always on the lookout. Adding on, the organisation is still in a nascent stage, and can easily adjust to the dynamics of the markets even if it involves tweaking the strategies. Startups are generally run by individuals wanting to make a mark in the industry, hence dynamic and passionate individuals will go to any extent to get their content right.

This is what a relevant Content Marketing can do for your startup.      

  • Affordable – Saves lot of money thrown into other forms of conventional advertising.
  • Effective – As it targets both primary and secondary target audience.
  • Establishes Identity – Helps to develop the “voice” of your brand.
  • Engagement – Keeps the customer conscious to your brand and could help in recall.
  • Generates Sales – Customer engagement will finally play its role while generating sales.

Will my startup take off by practicing all of this?

Yes, definitely. You might be surprised as to, how important ‘relevant content’ is, in the current scenario. Google, the world’s leading search engine, has its own bots/ web crawlers searching for unduplicated and relevant content all the while. It has an elaborate list of factors to consider before it ranks your page, you can learn more of it from here. Let us pick a few examples from the startup industry to elaborate the importance. Rand Fishkin from Moz Analytics, now a leading SEO & Content Marketing startup when asked what the impact of content marketing was said “We’ve seen incredible results. Moz today has nearly 2.5M visits a month (which is pretty huge for a niche, B2B software company), thousands of social interactions and shares each week, about 1M monthly visits from search alone, 250K+ subscribers to our email newsletter, and approximately 150 people taking a free trial of our software every day.” Michele Linn from Content Marketing Institute says that it has been instrumental in building their whole business. Their expert views on the topic can be read here.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get on the bandwagon to refurnish your content and make it relevant. Here are a few examples of startups benefitting from content marketing. In Seth Godin’s words “Content Marketing is all the Marketing that is left”.



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  1. Cherylene says:

    Good write up, very informative! Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Vijay says:

      You’re welcome 🙂

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  2. Very nice blog for Content Marketing and provide good knowledge related to content development. At Traj Infotech , we also provide Content Marketing Services.
    Also Read our blog
    Content Marketing Can Help to Build Trust With Your Audience

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