The solitary entrant!

Behold her, single in the bed

Solitary put with style and class

Smiling and singing by herself;

Stop here mind. You better not pass!

Her beauty alone grinds my brain,

And heart sings a mellifluous strain;

I’ll wait my love! For your signs profound

Touch of our skin will make the sound.


No girl did ever stop my heart

I acknowledge this as your special art

Of thousands of humans available here,

What’s so special in you my dear:

A voice so sweet never did I hear

A sense of calm to the burdened ear,

Break the ice that lies in between

All this while where have you been?


I take the stride and march ahead

Jumping onto her exquisite bed

Putting to rest all my thoughts,

She slid her hands to the right spots,

I can’t be more happier than today,

The same it is, what she would say

Her pleasure is shown in every moan,

Sending chills down my every bone.


Whatever we did on the bed that day

All that is my body could say;

I saw her beauty beneath the sheets,

And my heart did race skipping few beats;

Incredible beauty, epitome of perfection;

Moon like face, fair in complexion,

The time we spent I will cherish and adore,

My heart and body yearns for more.



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