A perfect combination.

The evening was one where the senses could be taken for a long ride. The setting sun orange and bright, occupied the western half of the sky, against strokes of white tiny clouds reflecting decorating the otherwise deep blue canvas. Gentle westerly breeze brought in some water filled dark hovering ghost like occupants to the sky. Swallowing the bright ball of gasses, the city was beginning to enter into a night mode. Probably a spell of fresh water from the skies was expected. The smell of wet mud filled the air enhancing the taste buds of all walking by the streets of the only exquisite restaurant in the neighbourhood. Italian themed one, to be more precise. From the kitchen smell of freshly cooked pasta and lasagna slowly escaped through the restaurant. The crowd started to swell in. Freshly served, hot food in a cool weather, always goes complimentary to each other. The manager waited for occasions like these, he thanked the gods for the wonderful opportunity to make quick bucks. He was assured of sleeping with extra thousands tonight.

Ruma called on her friend as she reached the restaurant from work. A personal lover of the Italian cuisine, her mouth was watering as she thought of gulping down the food. “How much more time honey?” she asked in a calm tone. “okay I will book a table for us and order the usual, you okay with that?” Presuming the answer was yes, she proceeded inside the restaurant.

“Table for two”

“Sure ma’am, make yourself comfortable upstairs”

The first floor was spacious and had a balcony too. You could eat your meal in peace as well as gel with the weather outside. The restaurant wasn’t located near the roads where traffic would be a disturbance, so the occupancy for these tables would always have a high rush. Luckily Ruma found a table at the corner, went over and sat facing the setting sun.

No sooner than she sat captivated by the beauty of the nature around, lost in the silence, he arrived. “What took you so long?” she chided him. As he bent over and kissed her lips, “that wouldn’t suffice” she exclaimed and pulled him closer and had left him after she was satisfied. “Woah!” he was excited now. He pulled in his chair closer and sat next to her.

Hand in hand they admired the creation of the creator along with themselves. Taking a deep breath he observed her eyes, a twinkle of joy was present. Something he hadn’t seen in a long while. Neatly trimmed eyebrows and shining with mascara, she looked wonderful today. Her cheeks as soft as before blushed with redness as he started to touch her. She loved every inch of his touch. He moved his fingers up her bare smooth hands right to the shoulder flap of her sleeveless T that she was wearing. Tantalized by his touch, she crooned forward and kissed his cheeks. A sudden disturbance stopped them midway, as the waiter brought them their food, and was gone in a flash.

Placing his hand under her T-shirt to feel her cool and slim waist, he dragged her towards him, now they almost sat on each other. Kneeling on her chair, she threw herself onto him as he grabbed every inch of her skin between his hands. Placing her comfortably on his thighs, they made love as the moon rose. Like providing spotlight to their romance, moon light filled the beautiful dark sky. Intoxicated in each other’s sensuousness they continued to turn the heat on, at their table.

At the next table sat love and lust, their target for today was accomplished. The double arrow shot from both their bows created a bubble of romance where the targets enjoyed, oblivious to their surroundings. Hunting for the next pair, they moved forward.



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