I make my way through the lush green fields, reverberating with freshness after a fresh spell of rain. The below tar, wet and grey is in perfect contrast with the surroundings. A kilometer more and I would reach the sky, dazed partly silver and partly blue, the horizon acting like a perfect backdrop. Everything so real without a tinge of polluted air, make me feel partly in heaven. As the wind makes the trees on the avenue sway with elegance, my mind wants to stay here forever in this serene spot.

Beyond the hills far right is the myriad world of existence. Where people crunch on keyboards to earn a living, taking a lesser known path across the mountains I wish I can settle here. Sing a song and plant a seed, laugh with the nature and cut some weeds, run across the fields into the lovely nature, chase a butterfly into the woods or just sit by the brook and gaze into the sky.

The mountains in between opaque and sturdy cut both the worlds apart. While people in the hamlet drive to the cities in search of brighter fortune, city dwellers want a break through the mountains to stay in its calmness.

I leave the village heading to my city, envious of the mountains which have the best of both.


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