Accurate shot, wrong target.

The vibrant evening came to a sudden pause. All those moments that were spent in living down the memory lane reached the finish line. The race hadn’t even started, they had a whole three-fourths of life to run together, but this alteration of plans mapped by destiny was a tough one. Recalling the bygone promises to run hand in hand through the mountains or the hottest deserts, or swim stroke by stoke in the depths of the ocean, everything was now a promise to be fulfilled. Time the deciding factor would help the couple, probably in the next birth.

Walking to the exit in pin drop silence, two expressive hearts were forced to kill their mutual feelings as the nature watched them pass. Knowing that things wouldn’t be the same as before, both set their goals on a futuristic vision. No hugs and no kisses to bid adieu, as even an excuse to display the emotions would reveal their intimacy. For the greater good everything was forced to stop.

Hiding her tears she turned around and started the long walk back home. She took to the flight of stairs the witness to their intimacy with tears in her eyes. Eros and Cupid now sat by her door, to apologies for the mistake they made. Even Gods can err, it then struck to her. Peeking from her window to as far as she could, he went in silence forced to change his priority. Love happens with the most unpredictable person, at the wrong time.


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