A celestial conversation.

With its cheeks bright red, blushing with the receptivity of over a billion people, the only Constantine moves out of the waters to give warmth to all present on earth. A dream morning to be, at the eastern corner of the globe, sipping in hot cappuccino while the rays of the sun gently kisses the land. Watching the earthlings bask in its rays. It smiles with joy.

The earth now rotates westerly, right at noon the furious ball of fire is beating at its hottest. Plants, animals, creatures and organisms are all abusing the ‘over excess’ heat produced by the sun. Little are the intellectuals realizing that it is the emission of carbons that is resulting in excessive heating of this planet. A highly debatable topic on where our planet Earth is headed to.

Comes the evening and our world is prepared to send off the sun and welcome the pious and lovely harbinger of light to the night sky. The ever cool and magnificent satellite to the earth, our moon. Hated by none and loved by all, the moon is a signature object used by distant lovers to identify themselves.

Observing the change in behavior of the earthlings, the sun walks up to the moon with a ghost like appearance, restraining itself from disturbing half of the planet who are now asleep.

Sun – Hey!

Moon –  Wassup, master?

Sun – How is that people love you so much? They call out to you, they come out to see you, missing lovers ask you to send messages to their better halves, kids are engrossed when they look at you. For me, it is totally opposite, nobody even comes out when I am present. Everybody turns their AC on and goes inside. The closer I go, the deeper inside they burrow themselves. Even I want people to be in close proximity, fondle them with love, give them as much as I can and let them leave a mark of existence on me.

Earth ( hearing their conversation) – And that my lord is a curse I would say. They have ruined me inside and out, after stepping on the moon they are trying to do the same to make it habitable. Man isn’t here to be fondled. There must be a stop to his environmentally damaging activities. And your furious, gaseous and gigantic nature doesn’t make you habitable. That is the best part of yourself.

Save the planet! Cheers!!


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