The relavance of beauty. 

The stroke was perfect. Master had just put his brush down, waiting for the hues to play as they like, and take course for a spectacular feast for the eyes. The sky acting as an expansive backdrop while the setting sun kept throwing different shades. Those gentle rays kissed her skin.
A glance down kept the heart running. Never ending range of lush green mountains, with the greenery rejuvenated by a quick spell of rain. The smell of wet mud filled the air. That gentle breeze disturbed her hair, calmly she put the flick behind her ear.
After a hundred feet drop, a river flowed gently between the valley reflecting the rising moon. Soft chirps of flocks of home headed birds brought them both back to their senses.
How beautiful!! both of them exclaimed. She looking at the nature and he at her.


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  1. Very intriguing! Looking forward to reading more.

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