It’s all in a frame | Catapult

via Daily Prompt: Catapult


Vision fails to support the eyes

Heavy sweating hands can no longer work

Stuck in the rut of a monotonous cycle

Staring into the air for a respite to occur


Trying to shout out, but the voice is mute

While ears are strained to the lifeless sound

Shivering knees hardly have any strength

The mind is off tracked to an unrelated detour


Money can motivate only to an extent

After which it is the nature of the task

I look around at my coworkers in awe

Hoping their dedication is contagious


Her entry is grand, pleasing to the eyes

I follow her trail upto her station

A little away but right opposite

I pop my head up and she is beautiful


Into another world I am transported

Her lovely blue eyes so appeasing

Voice so sweet my ears rejoice

Frame so elegant my eyes are glued


Struck with love and traces of lust

Into happiness, my heart is maneuvered

Motivation to work is finally found

Cupid’s catapult has an impeccable timing


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