Prey to lust | Adrift


via Daily Prompt: Adrift

Setting sails upright shouldering the wind

Immersing half of the oars, I row to my hymns

Finalizing my destination I set the course

At last, the reward for patience is at the other shore


The heart as the captain does a fantastic job

Preparing for the storms and evading through

Pure and unsullied is the notion of love

A method of belief which is rule for the heart


Fatigue starts to take toll, after emerging victorious

Evading the dirty thoughts in the form of a hurricane

The captain looks around to all of his disciples

Points at the Mind, the Heart hands over the wheel


Excited and overwhelmed the speed is upped

With the storm approaching my ship is unprepared

After a disastrous landfall the ship breaks down

Sending panic symbols all through the unit


Unable to withstand the hurricane called lust

Selfish and lustrous the body trembles in excitement

Adrift from the course I wait in anticipation

Ruled by the Mind drooling in sensuous darkness


Destination was clear like reflection on a mirror

Mixed emotions arise now leading to confusion

Love without expectations was only thing back then

Another lovely friend falls prey to lust



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