My bid to make it evergreen.

Stranded in the world

Created as per our fancies

Built to last the ravages of time

Simply out of thin air


Every nook and corner

Filled with our existence

Every grain of sand

Pressed by our signature


I take a visit

To that island today

Finding it abandoned

All of a sudden


Walking on the carpets

Were you and me

Hand in hand

Smitten by love


Applauded by nature

For the bond so strong

With every step we took

Captured their attention


Statuses were raised

To celebrate our oneness

All that exists now

Is either of ours


I run to our spots

Romancing those memories

For that is all I have

Left of my broken heart


The expecting witnesses

Wait and watch

Questioning themselves

Bout the absence of you


Take a detour

And land in here

Only by touch of us

Would it become evergreen


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