The incomplete circle | Qualm

via Daily Prompt: Qualm

I feel the earth shake under my feet

As the steps I take seem to wander

The once strong knees reel in pain

What are these signs I look to ponder


The never-ending circle is no longer complete

Dangling half is a shining remainder

I look to rejoin the broken pieces

Another mistake or an outrageous blunder


The pieces are fixed with noticeable cracks

Newly created voids that adorn the conjuncture

Rough and calamitous the field has become

A ripping hole as my heart rakes a puncture


The moon doesn’t remind me of your face

While your name fails to strike a chord

Your mellifluous voice avoids my ears

What has struck me, Oh dear Lord!


I am dreading to live in ambiguous way

Losing my senses, calm and charm

Has cupid failed me once again?

Will he show me the way out of this Qualm


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