The giant leap |Precipice

via Daily Prompt: Precipice

Hand in hand, clearing the ridges

A concentrated step one at a time

Traversing the rocky terrain forward

Is where we began charming each other


Running through the plains singing all through

Leaping across the rocks jumping with joy

Swimming in the river dancing with the ripples

All the way along satiated with happiness


Surrounded by greenery in the lap of nature

We roll and stroll cuddling in exuberance

Living by the day, struck with love

Entwined with lust by the sight of the moon


One fine day I wake up to a shocker

All alone by myself you nowhere in sight

I cover the distance, peaks to the valleys

Finding only the reminders of you


Divided by destiny I wail in dejection

Cursing the Morai for being so harsh

Engulfed with sadness I reach to Cupid

Only to be welcomed by His closed gates


A part of myself is gone astray

Crippled, I limp only with memories

Can I rewind the time and live in those bubbles,

Or burst all of them and puncture my heart?


Wondering and wandering I reach our precipice

Adorned with rocks a witness to our lusty cravings

Looking down at the valley I raise my foot into the air

With thy name on my lips I take the giant leap






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