A gentle reminder.

The hair so different, shorter then

Seamlessly flowing to shoulders now

Tone of the skin remarkably opposite

A smooth texture and gracefully soft


From peering inquisitive pair of eyes

Saturated with love, cool and calm

Wide nose decorating the face

Tiny and straight a perfect trait


Chapped and dry lips replaced

By cherry red perfectly shaped ones

Unkempt rough and poky stubble

To a smooth endless jaw lining


Opening my eyes with your image in mind

I pinch myself looking into the mirror

Sparkling and shining with a different shade

Coated with love and reflecting lust


Startled I peer deeper within

Detect the cause for this remarkable change

All that I find the other side of it

The vibrant image of your exuberant self


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  1. Such a beautiful self-reflective piece!

    Liked by 1 person

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