How I wish, the wind I was | Zip

via Daily Prompt: Zip

Night long I crave for a wonder

To mend the brokenness

Perhaps a refurnishing act

Or a revisit of your soul


A tour into the memories

In the midst of your absence

Breaks me into finer bits

Each craving more than the other


I gasp for breath at every step

To reach for you all the way

Take a step towards me back 

Set my heart to lovely peace


Ah! How I wish the wind I was

Hardly anytime it would take

To zip through the miles

And reach your door


I would then encompass

Your lovely little frame

Sit on your shoulder

And dance on your toes


Fly through your hair

And kiss those cheeks

Cling on to your chest

In an eternal embrace


Alas! I stay in a world so far

The only way to meet,

Trip down the memories

Or reign in your dreams


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