Untimely visit | Opaque


via Daily Prompt: Opaque

I walk down the beautiful ally

Colored by strokes from our brush

The otherwise vibrant celebrated spot

Now reverberating with a forced hush


Painted with memories crafted with love

Topped at the roof with cravings of lust

The bricks lay grim untouched and abandoned

Enveloped throughout in a layer of dust


Our favorite spot lay untouched

Under the tree, the witness to our passion

Fallen twigs, leaves and branches

Burying the emotions in an awkward fashion


The last bye from your window everyday

Gallons of memories I would always take

Today I stand beckoning your frame

At turned out lights and the glass opaque


Leaving my prints on the glass

With a doubting soul and a pounding heart

Hoping you’d smell my forgotten self

And decrease the distance that holds us apart










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