Illusion of freedom.

Tired from the constant nagging

And care so overwhelming

From monotonic life I flee

Into my world to break free


None to fondle, none to bother

I drink with joy and eat my fodder

My heart is pumped and wants to fly

Like a caged bird released into the sky


From dual to single, my thoughts have changed

Emotions squashed and priorities rearranged

The freedom of placing oneself before rest

I can travel the world from east to west


Sweet little life, the world and me

Far away from the land and sea

I live by my words and draft my rules

Burning away the methods of the schools


Moments have gone and days have passed

The life is good as I look over the past

Was it then or now not really sure

If I smiled and laughed with intentions so pure


My head says now but my heart may differ

Guided by cupid I am left to suffer

Nothing’s at peace as I call for truce

Confused with guilt I stand to lose


Gates are open to the memory lane

Luring the heart and the brain

Basking in that happiness of the bygones

Intimate moments under the nylons


Miss those moments of unexplained joy

Falling for your words of unescapable ploy

My heart yearns to get back along

Really not sure what went wrong


Now all that lasts is memories of you

Want to fly to you, give me a clue

This freedom isn’t right, one of selfishness

I promise to love you with selflessness


Loose like a kite I fly in the air

Hoping it takes me to our original square

Half of you and half of me

Together we’ll last till eternity


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