Anticipating a “Yes”.

Spent all day staring at your face

Ensured that it didn’t go out of my gaze

When I hit the bed and close my eyes

Every inch of your skin I commit to memorize


Pitch dark sky like your lovely hair

Encompassing a moon like face that’s so fair

Those lovely eyes of yours so bright

Twinkle through the whole of the night


Silvery voice, mellifluous and smooth

Those crescendos would take me in sooth

Like warm air out of a fresh made flute

Into another world it would transmute


That supple skin under the base of the neck

Where I long to give the first peck

Soft and elegant shoulders adding to the frame

The cushion for my head, I can proclaim


Incredible and lustrous, crafted with beauty

Describing the elegance would be a poet’s only duty

Take a step, nod your head and say a yes

Into a world of marvel you’d get access


The sun would still rise in the east

Setting the tone for our love feast

Moving all across it would set in the west

Until the last I would give you my best


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