A salty trail.


Leaving a faint, wet and salty trail

Dragged on by the pull of gravity

Tiny drops of water roll down smoothly

The reservoir seemed to have given way


Over the barricades they rushed down

Onto the smooth and soft cheeks

Stuck there for a moment at the base of the chin

Dropped to the ground dead again


Incidents like these common these days

As their love was pierced with arrows of ego

A wall so strong and built for that long

Was shattered so soon, by the next noon


Confusion reigned as perplexion took lead

As extremity jutted in between intimacy

Concern and care sat at the window

As love and lust leaped to the skies


Head in her arms she gazed at the floor

Arms behind his head, he stared into the sky

Far apart the lovers lay distraught

Sliced by destiny but connected by the heart


They followed their heart and the tunnel was blocked

Dark and hollow in dearth of light

Sweating at his temples Cupid took note

Another misfire turning into a melancholy



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