‘Only for you’- Cupid 

Between the clutches of this daily rut

Where my body has become a machine of sorts

Sans a break it toils from dawn to dusk

Earning silly bucks to feed the stomach

At crossroads I stood reasoning out my life

Tired by the body, emancipated by the soul

Laughing at my position my heart held the reigns

A voice so mellifluous behind my ear

The gear of this machine took a reverse

As I found the owner and stared with daze

Hair to the shoulder and dimpled cheeks

Fair like the moon and body so supple

Took a step towards into her as she followed

Caught her hands and broke into a dance

Pulled her closer till I heard her breath

She held my waist and rested on my chest

I knelt to the ground and asked her arm

Will you be mine I said with a charm

With a smile on her lips and tears in her eyes

A yes she said kissing my lips and clutching my neck

Grasping her waist we walked into Paradise

Thanking my heart for this paradigm shift

With open arms stood Cupid to welcome

She’s meant only for you, he smiled and spoke


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