Making the world dance to their beats.

Breaking free from the huddle

These energetic individuals swoop downward

Zipping through the air at breathtaking speed

Aided by gravity, diving miles homeward


Lighting the sky with streaks of fire

Drawing all the attention upwards

The welcome that they receive

Greater than a display of fireworks


Cracking the window panes

Challenging the auditory nerves

The big brother of these individuals

Rumbles the welcome song along


Some in their nests while others outside

Nature is set to receive them all

A childlike anticipation is on the rise

As the whiff of wet mud fills the air


When the sunlight is dimmed

With mercury levels falling

Accompanied by a calm wind

The droplets make their landfall


Lashing at the cemented jungles

Flooding the road made of tar

Bringing the normal life to a standstill

Dictating terms as per their will


Soaking the mud profusely

Giving a new color to the ground

Providing the much needed elixir

Bathing the greenery all around


Pleasing the eye and calming the mind

Breaking the monotony of a myriad life

This wonderful natural surprise

Makes the world dance to its beats



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