This insane feeling.

The heart will always beat as it’s the function.

But unless it feels every beat goes a miss without a motivation,

Unless the pause between is filled with a frame,

Unless the thoughts are fixed upon that name and it submerges your concentration,

Unless there is nothing else you can do except, think of her,

Unless you give up your priorities and ready to do anything for her

Unless driving to her home becomes a regular affair,

Unless you realize that no amount of money can give you that feeling,

Unless that smile on her face triggers an unexplained joy inside,

Unless that cuddle from her, wipes off all the worries,

Unless nights together, your thoughts are fixed on her,

Unless you can’t wait to meet her again,

And most importantly, unless you both feel the same way and cannot part ways,

You cannot honour this insane tag called love. 💗


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