Unknown feelings, unknown symptoms.

via Daily Prompt: Symptom

There is something exciting with every beat

My heart feels light and submerged in happiness

It’s not been long since I observed this phenomenon

Backtracking it, to the day we met


Life seems to be merrier and simpler

My outlook has changed since that day

Calm and composed my mind has become

Happy and excited is the heart within


Attached with every beat is a thought

That which draws a smile on my lips

The only constant thought throughout

Filled with a dream of your beautiful frame


I feel like a soaring bird in the sky

Supporting the wings is the air you breathe

Taking my gaze down to the earth

I see you present in every single grain


My fatigue has vanished as I take your name

Energy unlimited is created by itself

I just need an excuse to think of you

And sometimes not even that is required


I wonder what these symptoms are

Where the heart is prioritized over the mind

With an arrow in hand he smiled at me

“Love it is my friend” Cupid said


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