Tell me what these symptoms are?

via Daily Prompt: Symptom

Has been long since the ears felt reprieved

My heart craves to listen to you

Away with the cacophony of this myriad world

An unexplained joy in the tone of your voice


The perfect relaxation it would definitely be

When you get close and place your hands

From my cheeks at the top and run them down

I long for the touch and magic it brings


The mesmerizing pair of the perfect eyes

That held my gaze for hours together

Oh! Appear here and stare at me

Arousing the chill through my spine


Beyond the horizons there you lay

In a world opposite and totally astray

Create a minute off your back

Come and appease my hungry soul


My longing for you is a nonstop engine

Waiting to arrive at the station you know

I look at the desperate symptoms I have acquired

For now I realize, pure and unsullied love it is.



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