If I had wings

Stuck in the rut of this monotonous life

I long to break this strenuous cycle

Going through the options on my plate

Automatically my heart leads me to you


Slipping into the world of our everlasting memories

I take the road that we always travelled

Your beaming smile that fills my soul

And that sensuous touch that keeps me craving


Your rib crushing hugs that broke the void

Or those sweet little talks that fixed my heart

Lovely kisses to calm my racing brain

I miss you darl, the witness of my soul


Life though seems like a broken wheel

Unable to cover the distance between

Wish I had the power of flight

A pair of wings to cheat the world


With your name on my lips

And trust on my wings

I would have set to the skies

Through the rocks and the rives


Right to your doorstep in a second or two

Away we would fly into paradise unknown

None to disturb and none to bother

Just you, me and our beautiful selves


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