A silent love story.

It has been really long

Since our frequencies matched

When hearts were connected

And the mind was blank


The quick running glances

And moments of happiness

A feeling of satisfaction

As we suppress the smiles


Unsure what our relationship is

Neither a friend nor a foe

I know you wait for my signature walk

A beautiful admirer born to last


A week ago with blushing cheeks

We stood together with inches apart

Eyes did meet and we turned away

None of sure what to say


Beautiful you are from top to toe

A quick little scan and the things I see

Your voice so sweet, skin so neat

Flowing hair and delicate frame


The jingle of your anklets

As you walk past me

Makes my head turn instantly

And my heart dances with glee


Was it only me I always wondered

To test the fact as I walked past

The corner of my eye fixed on you

Only to reveal your crush on me


Shy and calm we are both alike

Of course the first step is hard to find

Shall we stay like this or take it beyond

I close my eyes and wonder upon


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