Basic Instinct

via Daily Prompt: Instinct

Just the two of us it was

With no human race around

The only survivors probably

For miles around the disaster


After shouting and scouting

And treading the rough path

We found ourselves

Some company to keep


Days had passed

With none else in sight

Kept laying in the hangover

And talking about it


Topics ran dry

So did our wallets

We didn’t need any money

Care was all we wanted


Recouping from the shock

We met for dinner

Feasting on the remaining

On a timeless full moon night


Her face shone bright

Reflecting the light

Our shoulders brushed to the side

As a chord was struck inside


I stared at her face

In awe and gait

As my breath became heavy

And my hair began to stand


Observant as she was

Took the cue from my signs

Looked deep within

And adjusted her curls


Intimidated as I was

I turned away

Observing from the corner

She biting her lips


My fingers fidgeted

I looked into the sky

Heart started to pound

As she moved closer


What were we doing?

I wondered to myself

None to answer

None to witness


Outstretched my hands

Pretending to relax

Touched the back of her neck

She whimpered with baited breath


As I took a step closer

Our breaths were in sync

Drew my hand inward

She came along right opposite


Placing her hand on my torso

She took a full tour of it

I followed the cue

Love and care fuelled by lust


Bringing her closer

Half a breath away

Looked deep within

We suckled our lips


Burying a world behind

With the hope to move on

Now I find in front of me

A new lease of life


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