A bench on the hill. | Immerse

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The road that they travelled, every meter was known by heart. Their visit to the lovely winding uphill road created a pleasant environment even for the animals out there. The squirrels would come down running from the trees to feed on the nuts that they gave. Monkeys would come swinging away from trees to partake the bananas and the fruits. The little natural bench, made of a twisted trunk was their frequent spot to hangout. It was under this enveloping huge green canopy that their love blossomed from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. With faith and trust as their two wings they soared skyward giving “perfect relationship” a different dimension all together.

The hillside wasn’t far off from their place. No matter what would happen, the sunset on the bench wouldn’t be missed. From kids to adults they grew, racing up and down the hill. Development had taken its toll on the villages nearby, roads turned from mud to gravel, trees were cut and concrete pillars were raised. But for some strange reason, their hill wasn’t touched, thankfully. Overlooking the river that provided elixir to the twin towns, this hill had been the mecca of love. It wouldn’t be difficult to spot lovers engaged in deep conversations at various spots. None of them were disturbed.


Mika and Mike, their names were identical too. Mika was a short blond with very beautiful eyes. Mike on the other hand, was tall and fat. Never did anyone imagine that they both would be out together especially bonded by their hearts. But love is blind they said, physical characteristics didn’t mean anything to them. After witnessing the mutual love for each other they had, it was evident that they were paired in heaven.

Tracing on the map, the spots on the pathway up to their sweet spot, you’d find no empty area on the map. They had covered walking hand in hand over the whole hill. If the path would be narrow, she would climb onto his shoulders and he would walk the path carefully. Even at the edge of the cliff, he would lie down on her lap and count minutes to setting sun. But as the sun would get ready to bid farewell, both of them would run to their bench, sit calmly, take a deep breath or two and prepare to be engrossed in the setting sun.

The view was splendid. The setting rays shimmered on the waters of the flowing river below. The water would turn into a shade of light pink infused with strokes of orange as the red ball of fire would disappear in the distant hills beyond. The gentle ripples would accentuate a golden color that added to the beauty. Fishermen were returning home after being satisfied with the catch for the day. With only their silhouette being visible between the orange waters and the deep pink sky at the horizon, their evening would be at the best. As the sun would be just about to say a good bye, Mike would raise his left hand and Mika her right. Getting it together to form the heart shape, they would watch this gigantic ball of fire bid adieu. No day would have been complete without a lip lock as soon as the sun was nowhere in sight. Conversations would only become more beautiful and meaningful as they departed from there.


The fear was always inherent, as they would be forced to move away to the larger cities to earn their bread and butter. Trying not to contemplate on the future consequences, they enjoyed their moment to the fullest, drowned in their love.

Today Mike arrived earlier than expected. Staring at their castle of love he set foot on the narrow road that led to their spot. Walking with caution and reminiscing the good times he reached the bench well in time ahead of the sunset. Looking all around, he found his younger self all around the place. She had stood there in her new outfit pink and green. Her hair had got stuck in the branch of the neighboring tree. Everything was vivid. After touring the world, he came back to celebrate this moment of peace.

As an old fag, racing up the hill took him about triple the time. But he made it in time for the sunset. Tears filled his eyes as words choked out of his mouth. Hand ached as he lifted it up to the point where he could see the setting sun. One hand raised he waited for the other to complete the symbol of love. Through his blurry vision, he saw the sun moving from the tip of his fingers to the base of his outstretched thumb.

Overcome by grief and reeling in the pain of his missing beloved he lay immersed in their wonderful memories. Feeling a gentle tug on his hand, he found her hovering in the sky. With a beaming smile and smooth skin, she beckoned at him. She looked prettier now.

“I have been waiting long” She said.

“There is no need for that anymore” he said as he rolled off the cliff and jumped to a watery grave.

United they were once again to create memories and rewrite stories immersed in love.



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