The perfect proposal 💗

Nested in the lap of mother nature

The love birds basked peacefully

Counting the leaves on the trees 

And the ripples of the river

The spot they selected

Most romantic of all

Overlooking the valley

At the edge of a cliff

The colorfully setting sun

And the calm rising moon

Sweetly chirping sparrows

A tailor made setting 

Cupid infact raced to the top

Taking position on a nearby tree

To be the only witness

Of the power of his arrows

Smitten by love

Driven with lust

They laughed and sang

Hugged and kissed

She looked at him

Swallowing her words

Was this the right moment

Wondered and pondered

Squashing the stereotype

She knelt on her knees

Staring into his eyes

“Will you marry me” she asked

A definite yes and a timely hug

Kiss of passion that sealed their lips

Sun, moon and the nature rejoiced

As Cupid patted the arrows in his shaft.


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