Destruction | Abstract

via Daily Prompt: Abstract

Gangs are disrupted within no time

In search of safety and solace

Everyone takes to their heels

Pandemonium written all over the crowd


Wonderstruck I turn in the opposite way

To witness the beast approaching

Thrashing buildings with its fists

Crushing people with its feet


Gigantic arms causing a tornado

Rock like barren skin all over

Fiery red and anger ridden eyes

Fuelled by vengeance against its race


Took a little longer to realize

To find myself alone and apart

Determined I take to my heels

Only to see my stationery self


Looking at my folks racing ahead

I try and try but nothing seems to work

With a loud thud I hear a step

And the heavy monstrous breath


I feel its fist an inch away

As my body jerks in every way

Opening my eyes to the darkness around

I wipe my temples, calm my breath

Pull my blanket and thank my stars


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