The ultimate kiss | Vivid

via Daily Prompt: Vivid

Crystal clear the picture is

At the moment of departure

That passionate time-pausing kiss

And the chest crunching hug

With a promise to return

You set your journey sail

That gun on your shoulder

Marching to the drums

Swelling in pride my chest was

As a man of this country

Weeping inside my heart was

As in-charge of our family

A female male soldier Karakal' Battalion in action Israeli-Egyptian border mixed-sex battalion women combat unit hot sexy beautiful idf soldiers Israel

Night and day I prayed

For your return on the next

Assuring our kids as they played

Innocently they put a smile

The enemy didn’t retreat

And so didn’t we

Whom do I put to blame?

A valiant soldier or a loving mother

With victory on our side

I waited for your return

Came smiling the President

With a medal and a cheque

The country lost a mere soldier

Not a big difference it made

Compared to the void you created

As a lover and a mother


The war is now over

Enemy has been pounded

Whom do I praise?

A valiant soldier or a loving mother


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