Don’t hesitate to express.

Jump the existing barricades

Break all the reigning rules

Runaway from the stereotype

To hell with the set process

Because when it comes to the heart

There is no such thing as a second chance

Express the feelings to your beloved

Everything is definitely fair in love


Stamped by unsullied love

Lit by unflinching possessiveness

Spiced up with illustrious lust

Let the suppressed emotions flow

By singing a captivating song

Or an enticing sketch perhaps

A joke that ensures endless laughter

Or a poem that would seal both the hearts


Ensure a royal treat from the start

Bring out the genuineness hidden within

Harmony in actions and words

Will make the heart long for your presence


Make no excuse to express thyself

For in this life there is only one chance

Time might wait for a second or two

But destiny wouldn’t, even for a fraction

Once, what you wanted is lost

All you can do is to wait for another life

As you reach the new threshold

Cupid will strike his arrow elsewhere

via Daily Prompt: Hesitate


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