Touch of love | Rhythmic

via Daily Prompt: Rhythmic

Distraught and anxious he withdrew his thoughts

All he had was a muted voice and stiffer body

Confused and perplexed she lay beside

Unsure how to make her way back

A word or two with a heavy heart

Responded only with a grin or a shrug

She couldn’t take a step further

Haunting her mind was the act of blunder


Silently seated at the mecca of their love

Inches between but miles apart

Minutes to hours only silence reigned

Time had come to break the void

They always loved with faith in love

Nil expectation, pure and unsullied

Faith could move mountains

But none knew the power of love

The conspicuous duo drew all attention

Muted spectators and a helpless lot

Far away a man with his bow

Shot an arrow that closed the gap

Setting their hearts to a Rhythmic dance

Repaired and  reconciled they kissed and laughed

“The power of love is unimaginable”

said a content Cupid, eying his next target.


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