The voice of love | Hideout

via Daily Prompt: Hideout

Reeling in separation

I looked at time that passed

And the void you left


Perplexed as I stood

All that you said was

To follow your trail


Stepped into your shoes

Walked your steps

And ran the race


Unlocked your discourses

Stroked through the thoughts

And lived through the words


Those golden inscriptions

Ultimate answer in every way

Became my way of life


After riding every thought

And walking every step

The void you left still filled my soul


In a flight of despair

I beat my chest

And heard a voice


Crooned my ears

“In here I am”

Said, the voice of love


At last I jumped into the open air

And danced along

With glee and joy


Not that it was whom I found

But to discover the hideout

That lay inside









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