Sound | Midnight shocker.

I woke up in the middle of the night

Sweating by my temples

Startled and surprised

Pitch black and prickly breeze

My hair stood still

And my heart was pounding

I reached to her

As she didn’t respond

Walked to her bed and

Ran my hand  

Removed the covers

Her skin was still soft

She smiled with her teeth open

Hair loosened out

I reach for the lamp

Exhausted and extinguished

Gave me no light

Her chest lay flat

As the lungs didn’t swell

I leaned to kiss her forehead

Thick and viscous liquid oozed

A damaging hole between the brows

Crashed to my knees

As my mind went blank

Was this the deafening sound I heard?

My heart cried out

In search of the culprit

Who could that be

I grew frantic

As the power came on

I found the assassin

That little pistol

That lay in her hand

Daily Prompt: Sound


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