Tremble | A thing of the past.


I trembled and shivered

Never imagined your absence

Happiness was delivered

Always in your presence


From the day you left

Leaving me in a turmoil

An act of deft

Made my blood boil


I cry all night

Do you ever care?

All alone I fight

With no one to share


Now I give it a stop

And look to reconcile

Not wasting another drop

It will make me more agile


There is a whole world out there

To witness and rejoin

Fresh smell of the air

At a flip of a coin


I feel so light

None to answer

My world so bright

I jump like a dancer


The past is past

I say to myself

Forget it fast

The couple ourselves


It’s all in the mind

As I smile with glee

Happiness is what I find

When it is me me and only me

Daily Prompt: Tremble


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