Overwhelming | When we get back.


To come face to face with my fear

I land at the city we parted

Face it all my optimistic head says

A blank heart lays in anticipation


The insignia of the peeled off paint

The bench where we held our hands

The stall at the corner of the road

The lane where we hugged and kissed


Zipping through the roads that we took

I find everything untouched and intact

The only appalling missing strokes

Your lustrous body and my disheartened soul


I take a moment to revisit that chapter

Laughing and smiling, crying and feeling

To dwell or not I stand perplexed

My head says ‘no’, as the heart stays blank


After a long wait I start to return

By the same way we always would

Against the wind, along the rain

Missing your constant rumbling jabber


Deciding to leave it all here

I lock my feelings ready to be buried

Dig a mental unbreakable grave

My muted heart begins to beat


As if you placed your hand on my chest

The rising tempo matched the rain

This could mean only one thing

Or was it only my hallucination


“Whom are you trying to escape from?”

The voice that guided me for years

A warm hug on the back of my shoulder

“Finally! You made it here dear”

Daily Prompt: Overwhelming



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