Devastation | Being Unloved.

via Daily Prompt: Devastation

I hope this silence is ephemeral

My ill spoken words were only contextual

I agree it did cause a commotion

But, enough of this direful retribution

My heart is drowning in the waters’ of guilt

Looking to anchor onto what we’ve built

The deeper I sink I wait for your call

To escape from my awful and confused fall

Why do you not extend your hand

And bring me back to the promised land

A stride back to the memories we shared

Should invite you concerned and prepared


As the waves recede to their original calm

Alone I lay to assess the enticed harm

But wouldn’t I be ready to change my way

You sure will agree on any given day

What is the stance of the words you promised

Did we ever imagine that it would be missed

Now I think, was I alone in the ring

Deceit my friend, is a poisonous sting


A smile of untruth appears on my face

As I give you back your privileged space

I recover from this untimely devastation

The process of my negative transformation



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