Successful | All I did was to move further

via Daily Prompt: Successful

At the base I stood

Intimidated and forlorn

By the mere size

Humongous and gigantic

Million times my frame, it lay

Waiting to gobble every inch of me

Looking at the power of my arsenal

I decide to take the first step

My only companion was the unholy rain

As rocks tumbled, my stance crumbled

Memories of failure crept within

All I did was to move further


The altitude and the struggle only increased

Distance I had covered a hundred feet

A lot more to get to the peak

All I did was to move further

The muscle was tearing

And body was trembling

Giving it the final push

All I did was to move further

Drenched and battered I lay

Half way down as the body gave way

Figuring out that I couldn’t go further

I shouted out loud to the starless sky


In a minute she appeared

The angel of my dreams

Helped me to my feet

Directing the way from hereon

The mountain became a plain

And the rocks turned green

Her touch set me straight

With renewed energy on my feet


I ran with joy as she took to her wings

Hand in hand she tugged me along

We reached the peak safe and sound

‘At least you tried’ she kissed and parted.



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