Capable | Our love and beyond

via Daily Prompt: Capable

Neither a word

Nor a sign

Leave not a trace

Of your journey

Make your way

Far and beyond

Never to be heard

Impossible to be found

Destroy our memories

Burn our portraits

You be you

I will be I

None there is

To understand my plight

The beauty of your charm

Love and its capability


Every time I close my eyes

It is you in lieu of the darkness

That pretty face, smooth as moon

Stress busting and resplendent

Your mellifluous voice

Guiding every step

Always open arms

Ready to shower a hug

Your head on my chest

Or the kiss on back of your neck

But nothing can eclipse

The minutes long lip lock

As I open the box of memories

It takes me back to world of ours

Every cell of my body vibrates

Longing to be part of your soul

Since you have chosen the other

The reason to which I ponder

If it is worth a try

You can have me by your side

A mixed bag of emotions I lay

Clasping and leaving your heart and soul

My head suggests, you go away

But my heart pleads your stay

In between the head and the heart

You have found a perfect shelter

Dancing on my lips every second

And the tongue waits to refer your name

You know not what we are capable of

Our love so pure can move the cosmos

Touch the moon and juggle the stars

Drink the ocean or flood the desert

Life’s so hard in playing this joke

Hope you’ll alter the decision it took

For as long I retire to bed every night

You would be my only thought



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  1. Bill says:

    Ahaa, iits pleasanbt discuission concerning this pargraph here aat thius webpage,
    I havee rread all that, sso aat thos tie mee
    also commenting here.


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