I choose to cling.

via Daily Prompt: Cling

My eyes fail to see you,

But your everlasting glare guides me.

I might have turned deaf to the world,

But your assuring words run my soul.

I Turn away from the stench of the society,

As your fragrance lingers all around.

Devastated and forlorn I lay,

The tingle of your touch envelopes me.

Hopeless as they say,

But I choose to cling.

Cling onto the love you showed

Pure, unsullied and perpetual.

It was those moments of contact,

That turned me over.

Discretion, direction and clarity

was everything that I wanted

Whether I take a step or run a mile,

Know that it is all because of your love.

Like a puppet with complete surrender,

I wait for you to pull the strings.

All the while the choice is mine,

And I choose to cling




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