“Let’s meet tomorrow”

Twisting and turning on the bed, he lay unwilling to take a step. Eyes closed and submerged under the sheets he was wide awake. The thick blanket made of wool was a cosy place to be in the harsh winter. The sun had taken its position signaling the commencement of the daily activities. Through the gaps between the closed windows, streaks of sun rays fell onto the ground highlighting the dust particles which moved in the air with no purpose.

The cot was in the corner of the master bedroom where he lay on a king sized soft cushiony bed. The sheets were as good as new, crimson and amber in color. The red colored velvet blanket drowned him in, once inside nothing could pull him out. A gentle puff of wind hit his right leg which lay outside his blanket. Kicking the blanket slightly up into the air, he drew both his legs inside. The blanket landed totally enveloping him. Knees were almost up to his chest and he places his palms in between both the thighs, in a folded position. This position itself induced warmth in contrast to the chill weather outside.

“Come back” he whispered, as he tugged the top edge of the blanket around his head below the ear. Now he was totally insulated from the outside temperature. It was just for a brief moment that he saw her. Persisting his mind to re-create the scenario, he closed his eyes tightly to draw her face in the darkness. All he could do was to make a figure of the face. Nothing seemed to be clear, he tried to observe the eyes and nose and mouth, but nothing helped.

Recalling the situation, he wondered if dreams would ever come true. With pride in his heart, he went walking to her suited in a dark three piece. The watch he wore highlighted itself under the dark cuff. The gold bracelet on the right hand reflected the rays of the sun. There was endless lush green little hillocks all around. Placing his feet in between the ankle high soft grass, he made his way.


At the top of the hill she stood. He could feel her stare, it was that of love, longing and lust. It was a long time since they had met. She stood there arms resting on each other. A lovely body clinging skirt adored her and she had a tiara on the head. The perfect spotless white increased her beauty. She peered continuously as he made his way running, hopping and walking.


Being a few feet away she outstretched her arms and was ready to receive him. As he moved to place his head on her lovely shoulders, his senses brought him back to reality. It was now more than a dozen of times that it had stopped at the same place.


Fighting against all odds and waking up, he looked at his lover’s photograph on the wall and said, “Let’s meet tomorrow”



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