Annual homecoming to Prashanti Nilayam.

Far, far away from the maddening world

Tucked in a valley and by the shore

Lay this pristine pilgrim center

Known as the abode of peace

Reverberating with Vedic hymns

Set to tune by the enchanting songs

This little town of spiritual effulgence

Ensures a life of love and bliss

As I walk by the streets upbeat

My heart rejoices as I cross the temples of knowledge

For it is in these very own walls

That I grew up from a boy to a fine young man

This little land measuring a square kilometer

Has the ability to engrave love in every heart

Not because of the fertility of the soil

But the supreme touch of the Divine

My lord, master, guide and friend

As I touch down for this annual homecoming

All that my heart can say at this moment

Keep me with you, forever and always

You in me and me in you.


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