Away from this Maddening world.

via Daily Prompt: Maddening

As his thoughts spray wide enough to compete with the sunrays, he tries to reason out the meaning of their existence. Translated into spoken words, would it hurt a person or praise was dependent on who the recipient was. Retrospection on various incidents, it always surprised him how the existence of a person was built upon what runs inside the mass under the hair. It wasn’t wrong when they said, “thoughts become things.”

The originality of these petty, imaginary, invisible, and emotion draining equations always left him pondering. It was amazing how one of these could build on another and the length of the chain would never endingly increase. The heaviness of this chain would leave him reeled and the more the number of these chains, the more drained the body would be. That mental discomfort would translate into physical and emotional displeasure.

Excessive usage and description of these thoughts were appreciated as theorems and axioms by some and a few unlucky individuals were chained in buildings. Isn’t it funny, who gets to decide on what description of thoughts are sane or not.


There is no one to show a path to these energetic childlike enthusiastic neurons. Once left free they would want to travel the whole imaginary world. Like an infant who tastes everything that comes by itself, they fly all over touching and tasting. Unsure if what they are doing is right or wrong.

The whole world expects an individual to live according to their own madness. Expecting the rest of the world to have the same mind frame is the biggest folly. The first step is to make way from the expectations of this maddening world and put out the originality that is there inside. The thinkers of the world haven’t done any special rituals or pass highly difficult examinations; all they did was put out their originality in their head. Never care for what other think about you.

Try this and let me know 🙂




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